Beauty Q+ A: Foundation for oily skin


Greetings Rubies!

Ruby Simone emailed a question about foundation (name has been changed to keep the gem anonymous).

I have very oily skin. What is a good foundation to use that will stay on all day and not have my face look sweaty or like I don’t have any foundation on to begin with? Read More


Recap: 59th Grammy Awards


The 59th Annual Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles on February 12, 2017. Although L.L. Cool J was not the host this year, the award show was pretty entertaining. I don’t know about you, but I like to watch the Grammy’s for the Fashion and the Performances. The wins and losses of the evening will always be debated because of all the amazing musical talent. Keep reading for a brief recap of the nearly 4-hour award show.

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Valentine’s Day Inspired Makeup Look

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!! Whether you have a sweetheart or are single; and even if your partaking in the new Galentine’s day trend, of spending February 13th with your gals pals, you can still #Slay…okay!

Here is the breakdown of products I used to achieve my Valentine’s Day inspired makeup look.

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Valentine’s Day Activities for Couples


Happy February Rubies! February is Black history Month, which I love. I love history and enjoy celebrating all year round. February also has the day of love. While my husband and I think it’s important to showcase love all year round, I think Valentine’s Day is a day to do something different. Especially if you’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day once, twice, or twelve times together, like my boo dip and I. Here are a few  couple experiences you and your love can do together this Valentines Day! Some may be DC Metro specific, but I am sure there may be something similar in your neck of the woods!

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Mindset Shifts 2017: Money, Time and Energy


Hey Rubies!

Closing out the Mindset Shift 2017 Series for January is have a guest writer,  Contessa Brown. She is the founder and operator of Cafe S.O.U.L, a place for the divinely creative to connect. Contessa shares her thoughts on ways to invest in yourself.

Twenty seventeen is the year to invest! Invest in your Time, Finances and Energy.

A new year has come upon us and we all have goals we would like to reach.  Rather than just reaching these goals to simply obtain an imaginary trophy. Let’s take some time to evaluate our investment of time, money and energy and see how the changes can carry on long term.

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Mindset Shifts 2017! Part 3


Alicia Sharp is a guest writer on the blog, contributing to the January Mindset Shift Series, sharing her reflections for this year.

Twenty-seventeen is definitely the year of change!  As I entered into the New Year, so many thoughts, reflections, and questions flooded my mind.  Such as, where did the time go?  How can I get out of my comfort zone? How can I make this year better than last year?

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Mindset Shift Part 2: Time, health, personal development!


Toya Williams is a guest writer on the blog, she shares her time management, health, and personal developments Mindset Shifts for the year. 

“Mindset Shift!” What an awesome way to get in gear and start the New Year. In years past I would make New Year’s resolutions and within the first three weeks the motivation and vigor had dissipated. This year I decided that I would not make a New Year’s resolution, but shift my focus and continue the work of personal development as well as spiritual development. I have come to realize that in order for there to be effective change, there must be a transformation in my thought life. Everything in life pretty much begins with a thought first, whether good or bad.

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