Golden Globe 2017: Hits and Misses


Hey Rubies!

It’s that time of year again, AWARD SEASON! Admittedly, with my little one, I haven’t been to the movies to see a film that didn’t have a colorful main characters in a while but, I still enjoy watching the award shows. Mainly for the pump, circumstance and to see who wore what. Check out some of the dresses I pegged as hits and misses for the first award show of the season.

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Review: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick


Hey Rubies!

Here is the first review and swatch for 2017. I’ve been totally into lipsticks and experimenting with new lip colors lately. As I mentioned in my previous Mindset Shift post. I am stepping out of my comfort zone in all areas including my make-up choices. I tend to air more on the side of conservative with my makeup looks, however, this year I am pushing the envelope. Entre NYX Liquid Suede Cream lipstick. I picked these up after the holidays from my local NYX store.

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Mindset Shifts for 2017!



Happy Happy New Year Rubies!

Wow, 2017 is here! I understand for some it’s a time to set new resolutions, but I’m not a resolution setting Ruby.  I think that long term habits need to become lifestyle changes. My personal belief is that if you are going to make a change, you don’t need to wait until a certain date to get it done. If you make the decision to eat healthier, start with your next meal. If you want to learn how to sew, then take a course and begin your journey. While I consider myself to be a goal setting, restructuring and trajectory recalculating Ruby; I do like to use January as a point to review, to reflect, and re-set.

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December Sephora Play!


Greetings Rubies and Happy New Year!

With December just about over we are all prepping for NYE festivities, so this month’s Sephora play box is perfect! The box this month is for “The Partygoers”. This is my second Sephora Play! box (you can check out my November Review here) and there is little part of my heart that flutters with excitement when I open my mailbox to find it in there.

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December mini lookbook


Hey Rubies!

I hope your enjoying this time with family and friends. I certainly have and although I am a native New Englander living in the DC metro area; while I enjoy December (it being my birthday month and all…whoohoo!) I am not about that Winter life. This December has

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Seven Cosmetics Polish Review


Hey Rubies!

I don’t know about you but nowadays when I go to the nail salon for a manicure I usually bring my ophotogrid_1481828933206wn nail polish. Whenever asked by my nail tech to pick a color I always respond that I have my own. Is seems that many times the colors tend to be stale, outdated and repetitive. Hence I am always on the prowl for new and interesting polish colors and companies.



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