So long…

Who knew that a four letter word could hold you hostage? It can keep you crippled from reaching your full potential. The Merriam- Webster dictionary defines the word as, “to be afraid of (something or someone); to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant; to be afraid and worried”. If you haven’t guested already the word is FEAR.I must admit when I though about going on this journey I was riddled with fear and doubt. What if no one reads this?  What if “people” don’t like this? What if “people” judge me? What if…what if…what if. I started to remember what my mother asked me a long time ago when I was having trouble with my math class? Hmmm…in those tough moments when I get riddled with fear and sometimes its sidekick, doubt. I remember her asking, “what are you so afraid of?” What is the worse thing that can happen? For sure the very worse thing that could happen is not greater than what would happen if you didn’t take that leap of faith towards your goal in the first place.

I decided to take that leap because I know who is in full control ( that’s GOD), leave all the negative thoughts, fear and doubt behind! Nothing good can come from not taking the first step. Maybe the only person to read this will be me, and you know what?  I am okay with it. Has there ever been a moment where fear tried to show its ugly face, but you showed it whose boss? I’d love to hear…comment below…


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