Dinner at Crab Cake Cafe

If the title alone doesn’t make your mouth water the food itself certainly will. As I was perusing the internet for some new dining options for date night with the hubby I came across Crab Cake Cafe. It is located on 140 National Plaza, National Harbor, MD.

Shrimp and Crab Cake with Corn Bread Muffin

Surrounded by many upscale dining options Crab Cake Cafe offers a casual and family friendly dining experience. This self serve restaurant is quaint garnished with plastic cutlery and a coke machine that mixes 100 plus flavors, jeans and sneakers are acceptable attire. The menu is simple yet eclectic and boasts “local flavors with a twist”. A few menu items include New Orleans, Hawaiian or Tex Mex crab cake sandwiches, shrimp and crab salad or my newest favorite, cream of crab soup. There is even a vegetarian option made with roasted portobella mushrooms and other fresh ingredients.


I enjoyed the absolutely delectable shrimp and crab cake sandwich substituting my bread with lettuce along with the cream of crab soup and corn bread. Both did not disappoint! The crab cake was tender and well seasoned and has a great blend of shrimp and crab. The real winner of the evening was the cream of crab soup. That will have me coming back for sure. Being the soup lover that I am I knew I wanted to give it a whirl and I was so glad that I did. The texture was consistent, there was plenty of Crab Meat it was extremely flavorful. I could see myself driving back just for the soup.

Cream of Crab Soup with Cornbread

The traditional Maryland Crab Cake entree was thoroughly enjoyed as well. The Crab Cakes were flavorful and not dry and the portions were generous. Another great hit was the Ole Bay Cheddar Corn Muffins. Those mini muffins will have your tummy smiling. Would I come back, yes I believe I would!

Traditional Maryland Crab Cake Entree


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