How to get free products from Sephora!

December is my birthday month and I enjoy all 31 days! I love all the freebies and retail discounts that you can get just because it’s your birthday (month) and I especially look forward to my Sephora freebie as a member of the Beauty Insider Club.



Here’s the background. My sister’s birthday was earlier this year; I stopped by Sephora to pick up my gift set as we were talking on the phone; I asked her which set she choose for her birthday. She replied that she wasn’t familiar with the beauty insider benefits and had no clue about the program. Whhaattt???  I asked, as I clutched my imaginary pearls and gasped for air (all the while insert blank stare emoji here)  I couldn’t believe my ears. As I explained to her what it is and told her to sign up ASAP!!  I though there might be other Rubies who aren’t aware of the program and might need to get hip to it. So let me break it down one time!



What is Sephora Beauty Insider? It’s a point system for the beauty enthused, you can sign up online or at your local Sephora store. It’s a system where with every purchase  you make at your local Sephora (either freestanding or inside JC Penny) or online you earn points. When you have a specific amount of points you are eligible to trade them in or redeem products based on the number of points you have accumulated. I recently used my points to get a mini Kat Von D liquid eyeliner that I wanted to try but didn’t want to buy the full size in case it didn’t work as well as it claimed. I am however very happy with it so I intend to get the full size.

FYI, if you subscribe to Sephora Play! you usually receive a coupon to get a couple points that can be added to your account if you make a purchase in a physical location before the coupon’s expiration date. To get an idea about what Sephora Play! is check out my November box review here.



Additionally, there are three tiers of membership, with benefits increasing with the more dollars spent and points accumulated.

  1. Beauty Insider (Free)
  2. VIB (spend $350 or more a year)
  3. VIB Rouge (spend $1000 or more a year)

**All beauty insiders get a free gift for their birthday and complimentary beauty makeovers and invitations to beauty classes. When you register online you’ll be asked to answer  a few beauty questions that relate specifically to you so that they can make customized product recommendations based on your skin type, hair type, complexion etc.


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Why I love it. I’ve been a beauty insider for over 8 years now and I always look forward to complimentary birthday beauty gift. Sephora has truly stepped up their gift giving game over the years. Before it was kind of hit or miss but now they’ve added some really great brands. There’s usually the option to chose between two gift sets. This year there was the choice between two Fresh sample size facial products or a  Marc Jacobs eyeliner and lipstick set. Being a lipstick enthusiast I chose the latter!



Marc Jacob gift set included the highlight crayon eyeliner which, full size retails for $25 and the Marc Jacobs Lipstick retails regularly for $30. The eyeliner is smudgeable which is nice if you are going for a softer eye look or an easy smokey eye.



If you haven’t signed up you can hop on over here and start racking up your beauty points. You don’t want to miss out on all the benefits and fun! Are there other similar programs that are you are a member of? Comment below.

Oh, and ever forget Rubies…No one compares to you!



This is not a sponsored or affiliate post, I simply love sharing great info.


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  1. My birthday is next month! I don’t know if I’m disappointed with the Marc Jacobs option or excited as I picked that up last time and of course was thrilled with it!

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