Mindset Shifts for 2017!


Happy Happy New Year Rubies!

Wow, 2017 is here! I understand for some it’s a time to set new resolutions, but I’m not a resolution setting Ruby.  I think that long term habits need to become lifestyle changes. My personal belief is that if you are going to make a change, you don’t need to wait until a certain date to get it done. If you make the decision to eat healthier, start with your next meal. If you want to learn how to sew, then take a course and begin your journey. While I consider myself to be a goal setting, restructuring and trajectory recalculating Ruby; I do like to use January as a point to review, to reflect, and re-set.

As I said good-bye to the year 2016,   I’ve learned a few things I’d like to do differently as we move into 2017. I’ve compiled a few Mindset Shifts, as I like to call them. Good habits I’d like to transform to lifestyle changes; perhaps one or two will resonate with you.

Macro or micro changes make the difference between staying stagnant and progressing and growing in our lives throughout the years. – Mariamah

1. I’m shifting my mindset to being comfortable with being uncomfortable. There were a handful of instances in 2016 that had me sweating and feeling nervous. One situation was being the Mistress of Ceremonies for an event. I felt unprepared, I was a nervous wreck and I found myself wondering why I committed to it in the first place. Despite a minor flub or two, the overall feedback I received was very warm and encouraging. I was relieved when it was over not because I had finally stopped sweating; but because I had learned that I was capable of doing it well and if asked again (which I was) I could only get better. This year I am choosing to get out of my comfort zone and accept invitations to do things I haven’t done before, who know I may just find out that I enjoy it.

2. Stay positive. It’s very easy to get discouraged when a situation changes or you don’t get the outcome you were looking for. This year I am staying positive and waiting for the entire picture to become clear. I know there is someone higher involved who has the final say on the outcome and I have to trust that he know much better than I do. For those moments that I was really bummed, further down the road, I learned that I had dodged a bullet. I’m shifting my mindset to stay positive no matter the circumstance because, in the end, all things are working for my good.



3. Be Empowered. We are so much stronger than we think we are mentally, physically and emotionally. I remember having to give a huge presentation at a conference for my job last year and being so nervous. It was a three-day conference and I had to present 2-3 times a day.  Feelings of inadequacy and doubt covered me like a bedazzled poncho. The first day did not go too well. I stumbled over my words, dropped my notes and you could hear my voice tremble as I spoke. The next day I was determined to turn things around and take control of the situation. I had to remind myself that I was the subject matter expert, that this conference was for everyone to learn and the participants attended to hear what I had to say. I gave myself a pep talk confidence boost and shifted my mindset. The difference between day 1 and 2 was like day and night. In those moments where do

4. Stay faithful and committed to your dreams. Whatever your goal or purpose is in life, stay true and committed. There is no better person to execute your plans or purpose than you! If you are not quite sure what that purpose is yet; be still, and listen, it’s probably right in front of you and you don’t even realize it.  I remember that all great things take hard work. I declare that 2017 is the year to chase your dreams. Do it! Whatever it is.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Lao-Tzu

5. Celebrate the small wins. It’s very easy to cling to negative experiences because of the effect that they can have on us. Too often we can get caught up in what we’ve lost, who has wronged us, and get upset about things that don’t matter. These scars take much longer to heal, but love heals all wounds. Remember the laughs you shared with people you love, a great conversation you had with someone special or that project you finally completed and checked off your list. I still remember the day my three-year-old rode her scooter by herself, how happy she was that mommy and daddy didn’t need to push her. She jumped up and down and reminded us all evening. I’ll never forget the smile on her face or her cute little laugh. I will be celebrating the small wins this year. Those are the events that keep us motivated and remind us of what truly matters.


So there you have it Rubies, these are just a few Mindset Shifts I wanted to share to begin our series for the month of January. Each Tuesday for the month of January I’ll share a few insights and I’ll even invite guests writers to share Mindset Shifts from their perspective. Let’s learn from each other, empower one another and position ourselves to make this the best year yet! We all strive to be our best selves every day, but we don’t have to walk this journey alone. What Mindset Shifts do you have for this year? I’d love to hear, share below.

XoXo Rubies,

Never forget….no one compares to you!



  1. I love this! I always try to stay positive. It takes less energy to do so. I can’t understand the people who are constantly negative.

  2. Mindset shifts are definitely difficult to do. There’s a reason it’s a mindset. It’s just the way we’ve trained our mind to SET. Literally. Haha. But, with enough re-working, we can definitely make shifts. It just takes practice!

  3. I loved your idea, “mindset” over resolutions… I do see that working very well. If you want change trying something new is key. Your tips are so right I actually just wrote them down and put them on my inspiration wall. thank you for sharing!!

  4. This is absolutely essential in 2017. The research I have been doing states that it comes from within and then deploys outward. Good luck, you have a great base and I wish you well in 2017!

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