Review: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

Hey Rubies!

Here is the first review and swatch for 2017. I’ve been totally into lipsticks and experimenting with new lip colors lately. As I mentioned in my previous Mindset Shift post. I am stepping out of my comfort zone in all areas including my make-up choices. I tend to air more on the side of conservative with my makeup looks, however, this year I am pushing the envelope. Entre NYX Liquid Suede Cream lipstick. I picked these up after the holidays from my local NYX store.

 The set usually retails for $15, and a single liquid lipstick retails for $7 and there are 24 other shades. They were on sale for $9 when I got them and they still are if you want to get them here. I figured 3 bucks each is not a bad investment.


NYX has been around for a long time. Previously you could mainly find their products in your area drugstore and local beauty supply store. Just recently they expanded to free standing stores in malls and the like.(Check out the first time I stepped into my first NYX store here.) I tried the shades Oh Put it On, Brooklyn Thorn and Stone fox. I love the names of the shades.

My favorite of all three is Oh Put it On. It’s a deep purple color, kind of vampy yet chic.


My second favorite is Brooklyn Thorn, one of their nude shades. I would usually use a brown or plum colored lip liner however I wanted you guys to see the liquid lipstick in its truest form.


While I love the name of the shade Stone Fox I’m not that adventurous (yet) and  I haven’t worn this lippie out yet. Stone Fox is a deep gray with a blue undertone. I do like it, just have to work my way up to wearing it out and find the right outfit…what do you think?


Overall, I really enjoy the NYX Suede Cream liquid lipsticks, the color payoff is pretty awesome. With my full lips, I have been a matte texture kind of ruby forever. I really enjoy that this texture is matte but not drying. Note: I did have to reapply throughout the day. It’s a little compromise for having a formula that isn’t dying. Also when applying don’t pucker your lips because it smudges when it’s not fully dry. I’m looking forward to trying out other shades.Have your tried any of the NYX suede lipsticks? Do you have a fave? Comment below!



22 thoughts on “Review: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

  1. I have been seeing the blue-undertone lipstick so much lately and I must say; it looks best on you! Great colors all though, they really bring out your smile hun. If I wore the blue undertone, people would be asking me if I need the Heimlich maneuver done on me ROTFL Does not go well with me ~ trust me.

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