Golden Globe 2017: Hits and Misses

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It’s that time of year again, AWARD SEASON! Admittedly, with my little one, I haven’t been to the movies to see a film that didn’t have a colorful main characters in a while but, I still enjoy watching the award shows. Mainly for the pump, circumstance and to see who wore what. Check out some of the dresses I pegged as hits and misses for the first award show of the season.


Issa Rae. Straight out of the gate she left a lasting impression for her first Golden Globe Red Carpet appearance. Her conservative white gown had her looking statuesque. This classic look will certainly be trending for years to come! 4/5 Rubies.


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Angela Bassett stunned in this gorgeous peek a book shoulder dress. Her simple accessories and makeup allowed the gown to speak for itself. 4/5 Rubies.

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Evan Rachel Wood.  I enjoy a woman who can push the fashion envelope. Not only is it feminine and tailored exceptionally well; her bootleg tuxedo pant pushes it over the edge.  Her subtle make- up and chic hair-do pull the look together.  5/5 Rubies for me.

Frazier Harrison/ Getty Images/


Amy Adams. She looks chic, elegant and beautiful. Her simple middle part, earrings, and accessories add sparkle; while still allowing the dress to be the main event.

Photo Credit: Frazier Harrison/ Getty images/


Naomie Harris. I’m not one to share the age of another women. But 40 looks good on her! (at least that’s what Wikipedia says, and you know the internet doesn’t lie ha!) Naomie #slayed simply put! From her hair to her makeup and accessories! Kudos to her team and stylist, they hit the mark! I give her 5/5 Rubies.

Photo Credit: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shuttershock/



Carrie Underwood. For this look, the flowers are overpowering her in my opinion; especially their placement. Although she may feel perfectly fine it seems as if the dress is taking over the red carpet, ha!.  I love the color of her dress and her hair and makeup are beautiful.

Photo Credit: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock/


Sarah Jessica Parker. I would have a better appreciation for the Sarah’s Vera Wang Collection gown if the sleeves were gone. Additionally, I prefer a softer romantic makeup look with the gown.

Photo Credit: Jim Smeal/BEI/ Shutterstock/


Chrissy Teigen. While I do enjoy my peplum especially as a curvy Ruby. I was not a fan of this formal peplum rendition. I did enjoy the dress overall; and her hair and makeup for the evening were on point.

Photo Credit: Res/ Shuttershock/


Sophie Turner. The fit is quite unflattering on the Game of Thrones Actress; with the wings and the belt, it’s just a bit too much, in my opinion. Her shoes, hair and make-up are lovely though.

Photo Credit: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shuttershock/

Kerry Washington. More times than not she has always made my best-dressed list in the past. However, I was hoping for a more formal look for the occasion.

Photo Credit: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock/

So those are my Top Five Hits and Top Five Misses for the Golden Globes. Overall, all of the ladies looked stunning and I can’t wait for the next award show. Did you catch the Golden Globes? Did you have a favorite look of the evening? Comment below!

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20 thoughts on “Golden Globe 2017: Hits and Misses

  1. I always enjoy reading posts like this. It’s interesting to see each individual’s take on the attire worn for that evening. A couple of your misses I have actually seen on people’s “Faves” list.

  2. I love some of your choices in the hit section like Evan Rachel Woods suit number! She definitely rocked that look! Couldn’t agree more with what you said about SJP’s sleeves on her white dress! And what a bummer with Kerry Washington’s look! I always think she looks classy in anything and I love her style but that choice like you said seems so casual! I always wonder why some of these big celebrities can have “miss” moments when they have stylists and designers on their side! You would think they could get it right for a big awards ceremony!


  3. Lol I love to watch the preshow stuff just to see the outfits. I’m over celebrities telling each other how great they are and giving each other awards for it. The dresses are the best part.

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