Mindset Shifts 2017! Part 3

Alicia Sharp is a guest writer on the blog, contributing to the January Mindset Shift Series, sharing her reflections for this year.

Twenty-seventeen is definitely the year of change!  As I entered into the New Year, so many thoughts, reflections, and questions flooded my mind.  Such as, where did the time go?  How can I get out of my comfort zone? How can I make this year better than last year?

For so many years, (more than I want to admit) I would tell myself, “someday, I will make a career change”, or “someday I will start a business” and even “someday, I will shed these extra pounds”. Someday…someday… someday….Well someday is today!

As the years went by, the demands and busyness of life drained me and I got stuck…Stuck in a rut.

By the time 2017 came, I was tired….tired of all of my pity parties, negative thinking, and unfilled dreams. I’ve decided that it is time to take action!


It’s time for a mindset shift!

I’ve made minor adjustments which have benefited me overall. Starting with changing my attitude and being more positive and surrounding myself with positive people.  I recite positive affirmations each day, and I’ve also strengthened my faith in God.

As a busy wife and mother, I began to put myself first and make time for “me”. That meant doing something that I dreaded for so many years… exercise!  Truthfully, it was difficult at first, because I was physically tired and emotionally drained and with an overloaded schedule, there wasn’t much time.  However, I was tired of living in the world of “someday”.

I make the effort to wake up earlier and exercise, and I’ve started to walk during my lunch hour.  I’ve even started reading food labels and making better nutritional choices. It’s not easy, but I was determined! So far I have lost 5 pounds, I am celebrating this small win because I know my journey to get here was not easy. I feel like I can achieve anything!

I’ve noticed a positive change both physically and mentally.  Even my interaction with my children and husband is different and more positive. My energy level has increased and I feel reenergized. How I’m feeling on the inside has drastically changed how I interact with those around me.

My birthday is in April and I have declared that as a gift to myself, I will continue to this journey and reach my desired dress size. My mind is made up and I know that I can do it!

This year I’ve decided to start checking items off my goal list! I’m setting goals for my life and I’m actively working to accomplish my dreams. Each day, I am taking action! I am coming out of my comfort zone with my career. I am also determined to start my own business. In the past, I have started businesses. However, I will not quit this time!


I am well aware that there will be difficult days and challenges ahead; but, that’s ok, I know I can handle it.   I’ve learned that no matter what you are going through, always speak positively!  There will be no more pity parties!   It’s not always easy, but do not allow your past failures to keep you down. We all make mistakes.  What’s important is learning from those mistakes, and moving forward!  Make that commitment to go from “someday” to “today!”  Get out of your comfort zone! Encourage yourself! You can do it! You are beautiful! You are amazing!  Have faith!  Take Action! Lastly, ALWAYS strive to achieve what other’s call impossible!


Alicia Sharp resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and 2 daughters.  She enjoys spending time with her family and raising two amazing young ladies, ages 11 and 16. In her spare time, Alicia loves searching for inspiration with the help of Pinterest; binge watching lifetime movies and date nights with her husband. Also, she enjoys introducing her family to new and healthy cuisines and volunteering at her church. Alicia loves sharing her passion for the art of public speaking by coaching others, and helping them to overcome their fear of speaking in public. Alicia also assists her clients in reaching their weight management goals as a Brand Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide .


  1. Yes, Alicia!!! This truly blessed me this morning! I am super proud of you and support you in your journey. With the help of the Lord, you got this! Taking on the mindset of going from “someday to today” really encouraged me. Thank you so much for being transparent and sharing.

  2. YASSS ! I had a total minset shift before 2017 and the power of this is amazing! Keep on moving forward! xo-Wendie

  3. I have to endorse it is very important to put yourself first! Great to see that you are set attainable goals and are already achieving them. A simple thing such as developing an exercise routine can be tough to keep up because I can relate. It does take a lot of courage! I expect that your promise to yourself comes through by its target date.


  4. Thank you for this post. It was truly inspirational. I think we do get stuck in a whirlwind of, introspection – self pity – desire to change – failing miserably. and that is because, we don’t change our mindset right from the beginning. The mind is a powerful tool, when used wisely, there’s no end to where it can take you.

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