Mindset Shifts 2017: Money, Time and Energy

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Closing out the Mindset Shift 2017 Series for January is have a guest writer,  Contessa Brown. She is the founder and operator of Cafe S.O.U.L, a place for the divinely creative to connect. Contessa shares her thoughts on ways to invest in yourself.

Twenty seventeen is the year to invest! Invest in your Time, Finances and Energy.

A new year has come upon us and we all have goals we would like to reach.  Rather than just reaching these goals to simply obtain an imaginary trophy. Let’s take some time to evaluate our investment of time, money and energy and see how the changes can carry on long term.

Time:  Work/Life balance can be a hassle.  It is important that we look at where we are investing our time.  Throughout the year there will be many invitations to various social events and gatherings, and we may not be able to make them all. Prioritizing where we want to spend our time and with whom is an important factor. Moreover, do not forget to save time to spend with yourself.

Finances: Some people consider tax season to be the perfect time of the year. Rather than using these new additional funds to refurnish your home or buy the latest digital gadget. Use it to invest in yourself! For example, invest in a gym membership or personal trainer and nutritionist, to get you back on track with your weight loss goals. Use the additional monies to acquire life insurance for yourself or your immediate family. While GoFundMe campaigns are useful for somethings, it cannot replace being financially ready for life’s unexpected situations, including funeral costs. Lastly, opt to save those additional funds!  Re-evaluate your daily spending, is that gourmet coffee necessary? Can you bring your lunch to work instead of eating out? Re-evaluating your finances and forecasting for the rest of the year will have you in a winning position for 2017.

Energy: Like with time and finances, we must have balance with our energy. Be sure to take time to reserve your energy by resting, meditating and praying. In order to avoid feelings of being overwhelmed or anxiety, make a list of tasks for the week and prioritize by importance. Be sure and take breaks when needed in order to reset. Lastly remember to breathe and RELAX.



Contessa Brown is a native of Newport, RI. She currently resides in Providence, RI. Contessa is the Founder/CEO/Director of the non-profit organization Cafe S.O.U.L. Café S.O.U.L was established to serve as a positive platform for the community to creatively meet. Contessa’s personal mission is to allow the artistically creative to experience a new level of art through Café S.O.U.L. She also is a spoken word artist who goes by the name Countess B.
Connect with Countess B: Email and Facebook
Website: www.cafe-soul.org|



  1. My “word” for 2017 (because I’m not a fan of the term resolutions, I don’t even know why! lol) is “move more”. I need to be a lot more active than I was, sitting on my butt too much last year…

  2. I agree about the tip of tax season. I plan to invest that for future travels instead of materials or I might just invest more to my blog. As for time, I am really struggling with that but I hope to get a hang of it. This was a nice read, thanks for sharing this!

  3. Great post. I agree with the time/life balance. I struggle with this a lot and have to get it together, lol! Also with you tax season, I plan to pay off debt and save to have a nest egg to travel more this year.

  4. It’s so important to keep that great energy balance in your life! Stress can manifest itself physically so meditation and the other methods you mentioned are great for this.

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