Valentine’s Day Activities for Couples

Happy February Rubies! February is Black history Month, which I love. I love history and enjoy celebrating all year round. February also has the day of love. While my husband and I think it’s important to showcase love all year round, I think Valentine’s Day is a day to do something different. Especially if you’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day once, twice, or twelve times together, like my boo dip and I. Here are a few  couple experiences you and your love can do together this Valentines Day! Some may be DC Metro specific, but I am sure there may be something similar in your neck of the woods!

1. Go on a Chocolate Walking Tour. Calling all lovers out there, chocolate that is!  Walk hand in hand with your love, as you stroll from store front to store front, tasting different decadent chocolates.  Taste of Chocolate  also offers chocolate making classes. praline-chocolates-chocolate-chocolatier-66234


2. Paint Nite. I’ve participated in a Paint Nite event as a girl’s night out, but not with my love. I think it would be fun and interesting if we did it together. Although I don’t drink alcohol, there are even paint and sip events where you can enjoy wine while you paint.


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3. Take Dance Lessons. A few years ago before we were married, my husband and I went to a salsa dancing class.  It was fun, however, we had to switch partners. If we do it again I would much rather glide against the dance floor with him as my partner.



4. Brunch on a Day Cruise. My husband invited me on the Spirit of Washington for our 4 year anniversary while we were dating. It was there I knew, if we got married, I’d want to have our reception on the Spirit of Washington. Well, my boo made it happen for us.  I love to go back every once in a while to relive the special moments. This is very romantic, everyone should go at least once. Oh, and the food is absolutely delicious!

Photo  Credit: Spirit Cruises


Do you and your boo dip have plans for Valentine’s Day? Let’s add to the list, comment below!









34 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Activities for Couples

  1. I love that you suggested dance classes. My husband actually wants to do this and it’s such a great idea. This was a great post, thank you!

  2. A brunch on a day cruise sounds like a lot if fun! I would also love to do a paint nite with my hubby since that is something we never did before. Love your list of suggestions for Valentine’s Day. 🙂

  3. Such fun idea especially the walking chocolate tour and I would have never thought of that on my own. You’re going to make me look like a Wifey Rocks tar this Valentines because I am totally stealing that idea. Very creative

  4. Valentines day is so special for us every year and these are some wonderful ideas to make it more interesting. Chocolate Walking Tour would be my first favorite thing and the other thing I am wishing for long is a Cruise travel!

  5. I love those ideas! my first favorite was the chocolate tour! hahahaha but of course I think the most intimate one is the cruise date together! Makes me even more excited on Valentine’s day!

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