Civil Rights Icon, Dorothy Height, honored with Forever Stamp

February is Black History Month and in case you missed it; Dr. Dorothy Irene Height is the newest face on the USPS stamp! The unveiling took place Wednesday, February 1, 2017, on the historical campus of Howard University.


Photo Credit: USPS


Dr. Height was an advocate for woman rights, as well as racial equality. She was the President Emerita for the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW). Dr. Height is one of few to receive both the Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal, from two separate US Presidents. Dr. Height was also a guest of honor at President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration.

Dorothy Height and Mary McCleod- Bethune (NCNW Founder and 1st President) Photo courtesy of NCNW

Before her passing in 2010, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Height on a few occasions, being a member of the National Council of Negro Women myself. She had a positive spirit that brightened up each room she entered.  What a wonderful way to honor a woman who spent her lifetime pushing the needle forward for the woman’s movement and for race relations in our country. She will also be remembered for her signature exquisite hats and her radiant smile.


Photo from personal library.



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  1. This is truely an amazing story. I am so glad you shared. I am enlightened for I did not know of her accomplishments. The stamp is a wonderful dedication.

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