Beauty Q+ A: Foundation for oily skin

Greetings Rubies!

Ruby Simone emailed a question about foundation (name has been changed to keep the gem anonymous).

I have very oily skin. What is a good foundation to use that will stay on all day and not have my face look sweaty or like I don’t have any foundation on to begin with?

Before we move towards foundation we have to make sure that we are starting out on the right cheek. The products you use to prep your face  are just as important as the foundation you use.

Two questions that I ask clients during our beauty consultation or on a makeup trip, is what facial moisturizer and primer are they using? Many times I hear they are using moisturizer that is counteractive to their skin type or they are not using any primer at all.

First, when moisturizing your face be sure to use a lotion or oil that is light and does not produce oil. If you have oily skin, “oil free”, “matte”,  and “non pore clogging” are key words to look for on the front of all your products. They will become your best friend!  Trust me as a member of the normal/oily skin type club I understand.

Remember, to use only products specified for your face on your face. I DO NOT recommend using body products on your face. Our faces are much more sensitive than our bodies and body products tend to have more chemicals and ingreidents that we don’t need on our face. Personally, I prefer Almond oil for my face as it has antibacterial properties, which helps if your skin is acne prone as well. Garnier works great as a matte moisturizer and is great for sensitive skin.

Once you’ve moisturized your face it’s important to prime your face for your foundation. Again a matte or oil free primer will be best. Check out two of my favorite primers below, high end and budget friendly.


Currently my foundation of choice that has worked very well NYX matte not flat foundation  and MAC Blot/ press powder to set it.



Once you’ve applied your matte or oil free foundation ( you can use setting spray to keep help your make up last all day, again a matte/ oil free setting spray will work best do you see a pattern with the matte and oil free products 🙂 Check out two of my favorite setting sprays below, high end and budget friendly.


I hope this helps other Rubies with oily skin concerns. Do you have products that work well?  Share in the comment section below, and keep the questions coming!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I never used any products by NYX before, hoping I can find some in my local department store.

  2. I love Hourglass so I’ll definitely have to try that primer. This is great advice for people with oily skin, primer definitely makes a huge difference!

  3. I too have oily skin and struggle when I try to use makeup because I sweat through the foundation and it’s hard to keep topping up so this was real useful post.

  4. I have oily skin as well so usually I avoid wearing foundation altogether otherwise I will get acne. Of course, that has its downsides, especially when I want to look more polished or go to a nice event. I will look into a couple of these!

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