A Day Without Women

While the Month of March is Woman’s History Month; March 8 has been recognized as International Woman’s Day, by the United Nations, since 1975. This year, Women across the nation and the world are also rallying together for A Day Without Women. This movement was organized by the same women who organized the Woman’s March back in January.

The movement reminds us that the Gender wage gap and gender wage inequality are real.  With women making significantly less than men (80 cents for every dollar), for doing the same work. The wage gap for Woman of Color is even greater. African American women, statistically hold more academic degrees in the nation and are compensated significantly less than men and their counterparts in the same position.

A day without women is meant to show just how impactful woman are. Many schools across the nation have had to cancel classes after a high volume of teachers and support staff called out. In Prince George’s County, Maryland the school system had to cancel school as when more than 1700 teachers decided to take the day.

I’ve always believed that together as women we are powerful and can make a difference. Today is the proof of that. Here’s the call to action:

  1. Wear RED.
  2. Women are encouraged, as possible, not to engage in paid or unpaid labor.
  3. Avoid spending money—with exceptions for small businesses, and businesses owned by women and people of color that support gender, racial, and economic equity.

If you can’t take the day off, wear red and/ or support small woman-owned businesses. The U.S. Census states that woman make up 47% of the workforce, and 55% of higher education students. We bring significant value to society and we can do so much when we stand together on one accord.


A day without women, leaves deep stilettos to fill….



  1. Well I had no idea about the DAY OFF situation at all. I know today is women’s day and that March is women’s month but this is news to me! Too late I have already worked darn it!
    Thanks for the awareness though!

  2. I was not able to take off from work, but I did wear red and was very vocal about it. Women do not get enough recognition for all the hard work we do. I don’t know what it would take for us to start getting our fair share. I hope in happens in my life time!

  3. It’s so cool to see how International Women’s Day this year has become such a worldwide event! I love seeing powerful women being given the spotlight, hopefully there will be many more to come!


  4. Thank you for your support on International Women’s Day. I was at the March in January, and like you, I also wore a red dress to support the cause. We need to continue raising our voices in unity to build changes.

  5. Its always good to spread awareness. I must admit- this day is not widely celebrated in my country South Africa, but it starts with the individual to participate and spread the word…..and even better with red heels:)

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