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It’s Women’s History Month!! What better time than this to celebrate other Rubies. Recently while perusing Netflix and trying to decided weather to start a new series or watch a movie. I came across “A Ballerina’s Tale” which piqued my interest. This documentary shares the story of  Misty Copeland’s journey to becoming the world’s

esteemed Prima- Ballerina and shining a new light on ballet.  Taking her first ballet class at her local boys and girls club to performing on the most coveted stage in the world; the Metropolitan Opera House on Broadway with the American Ballet Theater Company.

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Misty started dancing very early on and made it to the American Ballet Company as a teenager at the age of 17. Misty’s story is definitely one of perseverance, determination and hard-work. Those qualities are all things that we should all strive to be consistent with. Whether you are starting your first business, accepting a new position, working to lose those last 20 pounds. Perseverance through those difficult moments, determination to continue, even when it feels like you can’t; and working hard because that is the only way anything gets done.

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In 2014 she was the first African American to perform the lead in Swan Lake. She eventually was the first African American to earn the prestigious title of Principal dancer for the American Ballet Theater in 2015.

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Misty shared her self-doubt, vulnerable moments and frustrations in the documentary. Although she was and is the best at what she does , deep down shes’s a girl like the rest of us. Striving to overcome her insecurities, and learn from women who paved the way before here, although there weren’t many. Other African American notarized ballet dancers include Janet Collins, who was the First African American prima ballerina to be hired full time at the Metropolitan Opera and Raven Wilkerson, who was one of the first black ballerinas to perform in a mainstream ballet company.

‘Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.’ – Ella Fitzgerald

At the height of Misty’s career she suffered a huge set back, requiring surgery and a total recover time of one year. Many thought that she was out of the game and that her “fifteen minutes” were coming to an end. What Misty did not do was live and wallow and set up a tent on the corner of negativity. What a reminder that as women we are so strong and resilient! Five years after her surgery and Misty is still shattering stereotypes, sharing her talent and art with the world. Shes’s the brand ambassador for Under Armour for woman, an author, and motivational speaker.


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If your in the Washington, DC Area in April, Misty Copeland will be performing in a curated performance along with Justin Peck,  entitled “Ballet across America” at the -Kennedy Center from April 17th- 23rd.

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  1. I saw a 60 minutes piece on Misty last year – she is truly an inspiration. I remember she talked about how people told her she would never make it professionally because she didn’t have the right body for a ballerina. I love how strong and healthy her body is and that she doesn’t look like an emaciated stick. Would love to see her live someday!

    1. I totally agree! She does not fit the typical frame and appearance of a ballerina but she didnt listen to what others said, she pushed and was able to break the mold!

  2. I always thought ballet was beautiful! I used to work at a Dance shop where I would sell shoes and outfits, and it was a lot of fun and I ended up learning a lot about the dance world. My daughter wants to get into dance so I am glad I learned a bit.

  3. Being a ballerina really entails a lot of hard work and determination. The practice is really sweats and perseverance. I admire all ballerinas who pursue their passion just like her. I wish her more succes.

  4. This is very interesting and looks like a good choice. I wish i could attend the show. I ill be stuck in Alabama.

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