Ruby Adrianna David: Miss Maryland USA 2017

Greetings Rubies!

March is Woman’s Herstory Month, so let’s continue to celebrate Rubies in the community (and globally) who are doing their thang!

You know, I’ve watched many beauty pageants on television over the years and always knew there was more beyond the talent, swimsuit and question and answer portions of the pageant. Of course, with it being condensed for television purposes, we don’t get to dig deeper to learn more about these crowned beauties. I always wondered, who is the woman

behind the crown? Well, one Ruby (and Queen) I had the pleasure of meeting is Ms. Adrianna David. She share’s insight about her journey and what’s important to her.


I first met Adrianna, current Miss Maryland USA 2017, at the Miss DC USA Crowing Ceremony. She was all smiles from the moment we first met and exchanged contact information. She is way more than just a pretty face, and takes her role as Miss Maryland USA 2017 very seriously. Adrianna is using her crown to break down barriers and bring awareness to a cause very near to her heart.


A few weeks after our initial meeting I met up with Adrianna at Synchronicity Dresses in Baltimore, MD; where premier dress designers Julie DuRocher and Susan Ostraw of Jovani were visiting from New York. They were in town for an event where they provided one on one styling to their customers, how nice! The dress boutique was filled with high school girls giddy with laughter and excitement, shopping for prom dresses.


Adrianna was also trying on formal gowns as she prepares to compete for the Miss USA crown later this year in Las Vegas. When things quieted down, we slipped away for a moment to catch up.


Getting started in the industry. The first time Adrianna competed in the Miss Maryland pageant in 2015, she made it to the Top Five. She shares that she knew she didn’t want to just give up and she was determined to try again. As all women with a plan do, this time, she did things differently. She hired a pageant coach and personal trainer and put together her dream team. Finally, she made sure her perseverance met her preparation and when she competed again, she won! She had no previous pageant experience prior to competing for Miss Maryland USA 2017.

What an example of stepping out, despite our fears. The number one excuse for not doing something is the fact that you haven’t done it; but how will you know that you can’t do it unless you try (hmmm quite the conundrum :). Adrianna is the perfect example of stepping out on faith and believing that no matter the outcome you’ll be better and stronger for moving towards your goals in the end.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/MissMarylandUSA

Prior to competing for Miss Maryland USA 2017, Adrianna was a competitive cheerleader at the University of Alabama. She was forced to change her focus abruptly due to an elbow injury. She moved back to Maryland and is currently a double major at the University of Maryland, studying Theater and Communications. Adrianna grew up having a love for musical theater and entertainment. Adrianna is also an actress and a model.

It’s not just about glitz and glam, it’s more than being pretty it’s about women supporting women. – Adrianna David

Her Platform. Adrianna uses her platform as Miss Maryland USA 2017 to promote the efforts of Charities Angels Foundation a non-profit 501(c)3 with the purpose of “making a difference one event at a time.” Charities Angels is comprised of a group of women in Montgomery County and other surrounding areas, who fully sponsor events for other charities in the Maryland area. Charities Angel was birth from an eagerness to give back to the community. After reading the Purpose Driven Life, Adrianna along with her family knew that there was more work for them to do. Being lovers of a great gathering she asks, “why not party with a purpose and make a difference one party at a time?”

Adrianna along with Charities Angel Volunteers                                                  (Photo courtesy of Facebook/MissMarylandUSA

Adrianna is the Spokeswoman for the University of  California- San Francisco’s  The Kidney Project.  Researchers are developing an artificial kidney that could eventually replace dialysis. Currently, twelve people a day die from Kidney failure. This research resonates deeply with Adrianna on a personal level. Her cousin Juliana Casey was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 11 and as a result, her kidneys failed. Juliana received a kidney transplant, however, her body rejected it and she was then placed on dialysis in 2005. Juliana is 26 and still undergoing dialysis treatment. Her story is a unique and blessed one, Adrianna warmly calls her cousin a “walking miracle” because many patients on dialysis don’t survive past three years.

The women of Charities Angels have raised $80,000. Also, collectively over the past three years Charities Angels have raised over $100,000 for The Kidney Project and then helped a research grant be passed and approved (to The Kidney Project) from NIH for $6 million. How amazing is that?! You know what they say, stay out of the way of a determined woman (or women)! Their goal is to raise as much money as possible in the next few years so that The Kidney Project can move to the next phase of kidney research which includes human clinical trials.

Charities Angels is an opportunity to get in front of people and shed light where there may be darkness. – Adrianna David

Adrianna was raised in a family with strong Christian values. She shares,  “I used to think that cheer-leading was what I wanted to do. My parents told me that I could do whatever I wanted. They told me to always keep a positive attitude and to always keep going. Every time God says no, that’s because he has something better for you. So that means keep going and don’t give up!”

Adrianna’s message to young girls and women. Don’t be afraid. Fear is the reason why people don’t do things. Fear is what holds women back. If you feel something at the bottom of your belly, do it! Always know your value and ask yourself what’s that worst that can happen?

Fun facts about the Queen. What are the beauty products this Queen can’t live without? Her MAC Lipstick and sunglasses! Her favorite shades are coral and hot pink. Adrianna’s secret weapon to avoid dry lips? Palmer’s coco butter lip balm. Adrianna’s favorite color is glitter and she’s in love with her Domestic Bengal Cat, Bijan.


Adrianna is definitely a woman who inspires us and is one to watch! Her story is just beginning. Be sure and tune in as Adrianna represents Maryland in the Miss USA pageant on May 14, 2017, at 8 pm, keep up with her journey on Facebook!



  1. It’s good to know and educate people that there more to being just a beauty pageant queen. What each queen does during their reign is very important because a lot of people look up to them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the giving back that portion of the journey, that’s really what it’s all about! The clothes, makeup and everything else is a plus on top of that. Great write up!

  3. Adrianna sounds like an incredible woman with beauty and brain. Glad that you got a chance to meet her and thanks for introducing her to us!

  4. I loved this post! I live in Maryland and I loved her story of never giving up and her platform of giving back to the community!

  5. Wow! What a great story to see how you’re able to know this woman who represents Maryland, the US, and the world. Women power is really great (and powerful!). This reminds me of our Miss Philippines who won Miss Universe last year.

  6. Its truly amazing to see what can happen when someone decides to take a leap of faith.. Very inspiring story from such a beautiful soul!

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