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Summer is officially here, which means more time outdoors and less time indoors. Myself included, I’ve been away from the blog doing just that. I went on vacation with my family for a few days in order to relax and refocus and I had no idea until recently that June was considered Black Music Month!! I know, I know it’s the last day of June but hey, it’s still technically June!!


If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that this summer I decided to explore the city and take a moment to truly experience and take in all the sites. I don’t know how

many times I’ve been around the Petworth and Georgia Ave. neighborhood, but I just recently noticed this beautiful mural of Chuck Brown. Chuck Brown is considered the God-Father of Go-Go music, sadly, he passed away five years ago, however, his music still lives on with the Chuck Brown Band still touring and sharing his catalog of hits on the international stage.



Here’s what wikipedia says about African American Music Appreciation Month:

African-American Music Appreciation Month is an annual celebration of African-American music in the United States. It was initiated as Black Music Month by President Jimmy Carter who, on June 7, 1979, decreed that June would be the month of black music. Similar presidential proclamations have been made annually since then.

In 2009, the commemoration was given its current name by President Barack Obama.[1] In his 2016 proclamation, Obama noted that African-American music and musicians have helped the country “to dance, to express our faith through song, to march against injustice, and to defend our country’s enduring promise of freedom and opportunity for all. “[2]

President Obama is correct, African American music has been an influence for so many genres of music for so many years. I remember my earliest introduction to black music was by my mother, when I was younger. She’d play her Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder records. Music has evolved and changed over the years but African-Americans are still at the center either producing, arranging or composing music. We certainly have much to celebrate!


There are just so many appreciation days and months to keep up with. Although this was new to me, I will definitely be marking my calendar and embracing June as Black Music Month next year.

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