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Today is kind of reflective day. Google reminded us that it was October 17 and in 1989, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez released her first album, self titled, Selena. If you are a Selena fan like me then you know, she lives forever in our hearts. If you are not familiar with Selena, she was a Mexican- American pop artist and superstar who was very popular in the 90’s. She had hit songs, such as,  Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Dreaming of You, and I could fall in love, to name a few.

Selena debuted five albums, and she was the only latin artist to cross over to popstar status and smash the Billboard charts.  I truly did and still do enjoy Selena’s music. She is loved all over the world. I remember being in middle school playing her music and watching her videos (when my mom wasnt around *smile*). Jennifer Lopez represented Selena and her family well acting as Selena in the Warner Bros. motion picture Selena.

She died tragically at the age of 23, when her then manager shot her fatally.

MAC cosmetics honored her with a special Selena collection, debuting way back in September of 2016, I believe and it’s no surprise that the collection sold out in minutes. The collection was re-released and I grabbed a few items for my make-up collection quite some time ago, so you probably won’t find the collection online any more. you may be able find the collection at some stand alone MAC counters, Nordstroms (where I had to get a few items I couldn’t find at MAC) or Macy’s.

I really enjoy the eyeshadow shades that were curated by her family with her sister Suzette playing a huge role.  All the shades were new to me and shades that I did not already have in my make-up collection. For the lippies I bought one satin and one matte finish. MAC did a great job with collection.

Keep scrolling to check out some of the swatches from the collection below.


All I need to do is try and do the best that I can do- Selena


Anybody can be a role model, anybody- Selena


Always belive that the impossible is possible- Selena


If  you have a dream don’t let anyone take it away- Selena


We never thought we’d make it this far, but we did- Selena


When you work hard, you get success…


Check out Goggle’s Doodle for Selena when you have a chance, the doodle took over 2 years to perfect. Her family agrees that it is a great representation of Selena and her tranformative and loving spirit.

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  1. Initially I didn’t think these colours were my kinda colours but they look so good! I loved the collection and only recently learned about Selena after watching a documentary on YouTube. Great way for mac to pay tribute her

  2. This does look like some great makeup! I like the colors. I’m in Texas and people always talk about Selena here.

  3. I am a fan of Selena but I have seen the movie and what a tragic story! And thats smart of Mac to release a makeup in honor of Selena for the fans! The purple eyeshadow looks great in you!

  4. What a great way to honour her memory! I have never heard of her, but know you have sparked my curiosity to find out more. The make-up collection looks amazing.

  5. I have the red Selena lipstick! I’m obsessed!!!! It was like it was made for me because I look pretty fab In It lol

  6. All of these shades are so beautiful. I love wearing makeup that is going to have the color pop and in a really good way!

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