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Greetings Rubies!

Like many people, fall is not my favorite season and I prefer the warm over the cold, your girl can be flexible though and find some positive attributes regarding the fall season. I mean outside of sweater dresses and OTK (Over the knee boots), hot cocoa and fuzzy socks I also enjoy the collegiate tradition of HOMECOMING!

Now there is homecoming at the high school level, which is fun and ends with a homecoming dance and the crowing of the King and Queen.  There is also homecoming on the collegiate level. Both very fun and similar, yet very different. Especially, at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) it is a time for alumni and current students to enjoy the campus together. “The old heads” get to reminiscence about the good days and retell stories of mischief and tall tales that no one can verify as true.

While the university I attended was not an HBCU, I’ve enjoyed many Homecoming sesasons at Howard University during my college days thanks to my bestie who attended. Recently, I had the pleasure of celebrating Bowie State University Homecoming in Bowie, MD on October 13, 2018. Being back on a college campus was just as fun as I remembered.

Making my way to BSU campus đŸ™‚

Visiting the campus with current students and meeting new alumni left me with my sides in pain from laughter and my feet reminding me of just how much walking is done on a college campus.

I was accepted to BSU for graduate school but opted to attend another university. So this was my second time on the campus and there were so many improvements that were made since my last visit years ago.

Typically, there are events and festivities open to alumni, current students and the public all week leading up to the “Big Game” on Saturday. The contenders for the day were BSU and Virginia State University (another HBCU). Some say the band is the heartbeat of a University, I don’t know if that is 100% true but I do know that these students work hard and are excetional at what they do.

The Dance Team and the Color Guard are also a very importatnt part of the Marching Band and the halftime show.

Homecoming is also like an open house to current high school students who like to hang out on campus or who come to visit family and friends.


I remember my college days taking the 8 hour bus ride to Howard University to hang with my best friend who was a student there. I attended several homecoming weekends and some general weekends and fun events. Those were some of the best memories that I have. Staying up late, eating terribly, hanging out on “the yard”, making new friends (whom I still correspond with today) and learning a thing or two from the old heads. In addition forgetting about homework, papers and  lectures for a couple days. That is the fun part of college that I remember.

Outfit of the day was cozy comfortable, Black Aldo Platform Flats from DSW, comfy Wakanda themed AKA Sweatshirt from Ivy Storehouse and ripped jeans from Charlotte Russe (similar one here).

Statue on Bowie Campus

Back in April Bowie State University also welcomed it’s 10th President of BSU and first female president in the institution’s 153-year history.

Photo Courtesy of Bowie State University

Overall, homecoming is a great way to re-connect with old friends, see all the changes to the campus you hoped would happen while you were a student there, and an opportunity to network and nurture new relationships. Have you been back on your college campus or participated in homecoming festivities lately? Do you remember your homecoming shenanigans?! Share comments below!




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