Product Review: Huda Beauty Matte and Melted Shadow

Hello Ruby Beauties!!
Spring is here the weather is heating up a bit more and it’s about time for another review. I received my complementary Huda Beauty Matte and Melted Shadows from Influenster to review and share my honest opinion, which of course you know me I will.


I have to admit that I started out a little bias, the first thing I did was check to see what people were saying and truthfully is was not positive (which happens with alot of products). I was a little weary but still very willing to try it. I wasn’t sure it would work well on my hooded eyes but…

I WAS WRONG!🙃 I tried it out for myself and I was soo surprised and now I am in love!

The shades I received were Private Jet (matte side) and Shimmering Sunset (shimmer side).


You can check out some of my pics below. 


Cute Candid wearing Shimmering Sunset. 


A swatch of both shades. Shimmering Sunset (top) Private Jet (bottom)

What I liked most about the shadow is that:

  1. It last all day long
  2. The shades are beautiful and the matte side is very bold
  3. The shades are buildable
  4. It’s great for a cut crease on hooded eyes.

It occurred to me that some of the poor reviews may be have been from folks who did not know how to properly use and apply the shadows as they are not the traditional kind that you’d apply with your brush. I applied a little at a time and then went back and forth from one eye to the other until I achieved the look I was going for.

Close up of Shimmering Sunset.

I like to apply my eye primer then blend my transition shades than add more primer (usually for glitter) and then pat in my eyeshadow color. The Huda Beauty melted shadows (in my opinion) has the primer and shadow together which makes it easier.

Initially, when I tried it there was a little tingling (similar to my primer for glitter). I let the first application dry a little then added on until I was happy.

You can also layer one on top of the other so I added shimmering sunset on top of private jet for a cute peachy sparkle look. There are a total of 10 shades that you are available and I am looking forward to trying some more.


Have you tried the melted shadows? What’s your favorite shade. Be sure and subscribe if you haven’t already and let me know if you are interested in similar reviews and try-ons.


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