6 ways to fully enjoy this Spring!

Greetings Ruby beauties!

Spring is officially here! There are still some chilly mornings and rainy moments in the DC Metro area however, the sun is out and the tulips are blossoming! I just love it! Now is the perfect time to prep for those days when the weather is really cooperating and the outdoors are really calling you name. Keep reading to find out how to get prepped this spring and get that extra pep in your step and shake off the winter woes.


1. Switch up your morning routine! My goodness, there were many days that I truly wished I had the opportunity to hibernate like Yogi the Bear, but alas many things had to be done. Often times it’s still very dark when I leave my home in the morning. However for those days when I can sleep in a few minutes and hubby is awake; I’ve gotten into the habit of opening all my window dressings and blinds to let the natural light in.

What a difference it makes! It’s amazing even when there are days with overcast that makes a difference in my productivity. Letting my mind know that it’s time to get up, get moving and be productive. It seemed so easy to check items off my Saturday to do list and get prepped for the ahead.

2. Become a plant parent! Listen if there are pet parents than I’m sure there can be such a thing as being a plant parent 😂. I am a proud plant mommy to a few ivy plants and currently my ruby-in- training and I planted seeds to start growing an Aloe Vera plant.

There are quite a few benefits to having plants in the home. They reduce air borne dust levels (and with spring comes allergy season) and release oxygen into the air. I know what your thinking…I’ll forget to water it, I can’t keep anything alive, I’m too busy and I’ll forget about it. There are many fool proof plants that are easy to maintain (I’m not calling anyone a fool…I’m just saying 😉). There are plenty of plants that don’t require a lot of care. I water my ivy plant once a week or every 7-10 days; and they are thriving and surviving just fine. I even went a head and tried propagation, plant propagation is when you grow a new plant from either seeds, cuttings or from other plant parts, which is what I did and she is thriving. A few plants that don’t need sunlight are: Pearl Plants, philodendron and dracaena. A few more plants that don’t need need to be watered often are succulent plants like a cactus, peace Lilly, and bamboo plants. Go ahead and give become a plant parent this spring! r

3. Clear out the closet clutter! spring cleaning sounds like such a cliché but it really does help to get the fog of winter off and makes a way for the sunnier spring days. It can seem less overwhelming when you section off areas and not try to do it all at once (like the closet and not the entire house). It also feels good to know that you have made room for all the wonderful things headed your way. This is the season that I make a few trips to my local goodwill or share items I don’t want or no longer use with family and friends. It feels nice to secure a happy home for items that I no longer use and know that someone else can benefit much more than I will.

When deciding what stays and what goes, some questions to ask are, have I used/ worn this item in the last year? If the answer is greater than a year, than you may have answered your own question 🙃. Perhaps it’s been a lot longer since you’ve even noticed or seen the item. I came across a dress I wore once and was not in love with and never wore again. I received several complements while wearing it and for some reason thought I might wear it again and big surprise…I never did. I felt relieved to give it to a friend who loved the color and style. I ended up with at least 6 bags full of items to drop off at my local Goodwill. Clear the closet clutter you will be so glad that you did!

photo of black clothes on hangers
Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

4. Give your home a good ole fashioned cleaning! This seems like a no brainer but after you’ve cleared out the closets go ahead and get other areas in your home that may have been neglected in order. The guest room/ guest bathroom that was neglected all winter or perhaps the laundry pile that just never gets folded. Dust those items that do not see the sun like your t.v. stand etc., vacuum under your couch, clear the air vents and the dust the ceiling fan, find a place for anything that doesn’t have a permanent home. You’d be surprised just how much better you will feel afterwards.

person using mop on floor
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5. Get out and smell the roses! Or at least be sure to spend more time outdoors this spring! With the sun shining brighter and with more hours of daylight, be sure to spend as much time as you can outdoors. Many people who work a traditional 9-5 (myself included) and even students spend a lot of time indoors; if there are windows where you work that is a true blessing. I on the other hand don’t have a single window where I sit so once I leave I am cleaving to as much sunlight as I can. Jumping in my car to try to take my little Queen in training for a bike ride or to the park or even just a walk before the sun sets. Did you know walking 30 minutes a day is not only good for your heart and overall health but you can also burn anywhere from 200-600 calories from that single activity? Get outdoors, get some sun and have some fun!

adventure countryside daylight environment
Photo by Tim Gouw on Pexels.com

6. De-clutter your mind! April is National Stress Awareness Month and now more than ever taking care of our mental health is important. There are simple ways to decrease stress like eating food high in nutrition, getting enough rest, and taking time for yourself. I know, I know these things are easier said than done, however, stress is one of those things that can creep up on you and you may not know your stressed until its too late. One thing I like to do is sit down and read a magazine/ book. When I can physically sit and read a magazine that is when I feel like I am truly relaxing and what’s even better is if I can eat a breakfast omelet and read oh, then I’m in heaven. Sometimes it’s just that simple, for 30 minutes or an hour it makes a tremendous difference. What is one simple thing that makes you happy, calm and is a total stress relief. Really think about it, and do it often.

Decluttering utilizes your decision-making skills…to make everything fit; you need to make reasonably quick decisions about whether to keep or discard items.- Psychology Today

So, there you have it, 6 ways to enjoy spring this year. I hope you found them tips helpful in adding a little pep in your step. The list I made last year looks nothing like this and I am sure it will change next year. Let’s add to the list, what are some of your tips? What gets you excited for spring? Comment below.


14 thoughts on “6 ways to fully enjoy this Spring!

  1. I am so totally on board with this post! I love all of the points and have already began implementing many of them.

  2. These are all brilliant and quite wonderful suggestions. I guess you won’t be bored if you consider all this. I am absolutely excited to give it a try.

  3. We don’t have 4 seasons here and your post has made me realized that there are so many things happening in spring. Really fun to look forward each season but too bad we only have one season and its always hot and we do not need winter clothing at all.

    1. Yes the four seasons are truly amazing, it must be very nice to know what the weather will be like most of the time, I wouldn’t mind not having to guess if I need a coat or a t-shirt 🙂

  4. My mother is very good with plants, and I have to try to do the same. Taking care of them, but they always die. I think. I should talk more to them, my mother does it, and her plans are so beautiful.

  5. great list of things to complete! For me spring is renovation time, I always aim for renovation during spring

  6. I really do think becoming a plant parent helps. I think seeing life coming into the world is always a beautiful thing and planting and promoting life is awesome.

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