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A few weeks ago I was researching drug store beauty brands to revisit in the coming weeks and I was a huge Wet and Wild fan way back in my college days, like most college students I was broke making poor financial decisions. This one not so much because their make-up is very reasonably priced and as a student they were the only brand I could afford LOL. Their gloss and other lip products were my #1 favorite beauty item, and honestly back then, I couldn’t really use their foundation or face products because in my opinion it didn’t cater to women of color well.   It has been many years and I must say after visiting their website, I was quite impressed!  Which is why I was so eager to try the Rebel Rose Limited edition collection (the entire box retails for $24.99).

They also released a make-up collection as well, which I couldn’t help myself and purchased, and in order to not to make this post super long I will share my review of the Rebel Rose make-up collection in a later post.
Photo of entire Rebel Rose Limited Collection

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love the new rebel Rose Skincare collection!

It’s not because I absolutely love all things roses/ rose scented HA! No, I’ve been using these products for going on a few weeks now and I noticed a difference right away. I listen to my skin very well and she lets me know if she doesn’t not like a product (even before I leave the house sometimes) and so far we’ve enjoyed the benefits of the Rebel Rose skin care products. Keep reading to see which products I’ll be investing in again; along with items I’ll be skipping next time. If your interested in any of the items listed below, click here to get 25% off your next purchase (referral code, I receive no commission, just sharing the love :))

Rebel Rose Photo Focus Rose Multi-Use Oil ($7.99)

So let’s begin with one of my faves, the website says, “this oils’ unique infusion of an array of floral extracts leaves skin with a fairy-tale-worthy radiance and intense hydration.” That I can attest too, while I do not use it on my face because of my combination/ oily skin.  I’ve enjoyed using it on my cuticles and to moisturize my hands after I wash them and after doing dishes. I also like to use it as an enhancer for my perfume. I rub it on my wrist and collar bone before I spray on my favorite perfume and it helps the perfume last all day.



Some of the ingredients in the oil are: Virgin Passion Fruit Seed (for hydration, very good for someone who suffers from dry skin) Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Rosa Damascena Flower Extract (to help moisturize). Lastly there are teeny tiny rose petals in the bottle, how cute is that! Will I purchase again… yes indeed!


Rebel Rose Photo Focus Rose Toner ($7.99)

Rose Oil
Rose Toner

The toner is another one of my faves from the collection, is it vegan, cruelty and alcohol free you ask? Why, yes to all of the above. Does it hydrate the skin and leave it feeling smooth and soft?  It sure does! I prefer to use it after I’ve taken off my make-up for the day, I go to bed with it on and in the morning my face feels so soft and smooth. It also helps with added hydration, while I don’t need any help with that, if you do have dry skin you can actually use it as a primer to prep your skin before you apply your make-up for the day and/or as a setting spray once your make-up look for the day is done.

noonetocompare Wetnwild Rose toner

You can also use it to freshen your face throughout the day. Like the rose oil, it’s also infused with Rosa Damascena Flower Extract to help with moisture. Will I purchase again…yes, I certainly will!

Rebel Rose Photo Focus Rose Primer Serum ($7.99)

Rose Primer Serum

Next up is the Photo Focus Serum, this is the primer serum that really helps to illuminate the skin. It has little specks of sparkle that give your foundation a little extra glow, and it has a light hint of the rose scent. Now one thing that I am always afraid of is new products breaking out my skin, because she will let me know asap if things are not working out. The good news is that my skin felt beautiful once it was on, both when I applied my foundation and when I took it off in the evening.

What’s also lovely about the primer is that it is water-based. It also has Cucumber and Goji Berry Herbasol Extracts “to provide additional moisture and smoothness to the skin”


The Rose Primer Serum is easy to apply. 

The primer serum comes with a dropper so you can apply it directly to your face or to your finger tips. When I applied it directly on my face I was weary at first because I thought it would drip down but to my surprise it did not, it has not consistency. The serum is paraben and cruelty free as well as vegan friendly. Is this in my cart for re-order? Yes, it is 🙂

Rebel Rose Color Icon Creme Blush ($4.99)

The creme blush was easy to apply but hard to see against my complexion. 

Moving onto the blush…it was a nice concept of adding a rose tint to your cheeks, which is suppose to adjust based on your skin tone, however I am not sure the color payout is really visible on women on color. This would definitely look beautiful on someone more fair skinned.  I’ll be skipping this product in the future, this wasn’t quite the winner for me.

Rebel Rose Perfect Pout Lip Scrub ($3.99) 

Lip scrub

Lip scrubs are pretty useful in removing dead skin from the lips. This is especially helpful when applying matte lipsticks or lip color that had a formula that may dry out your lips (and lip colors in general). The Rose Perfect Pout Lip Scrub is infused with Murumuru Seed Butter which helps with moisture and Tucuma Seed Butter which helps to soften the skin. The Murumuru Seed has a waxy consistency which is what I didn’t like. I found that the waxy consistency made it difficult to actually scrub my lips, the texture was similar to a thick sticky paste that was not easy to maneuver.  It did leave my lips feeling moisturized in the end. There is also a funny/ interesting taste which I dislike. I’ll be passing on this next time.

Rebel Rose Perfect Pout Jelly Balm (3.99)  

The color of the lip tint, applies glossy. 

The concept of the jelly balm is also very cute, it’s pH- activated and it’s supposed to change to a berry tint that adjusts to a custom shade for your skin tone. It starts out as a green/ black gel based lippie and then changes color. The site says it’s infused with vitamin E and other moisture rich oils including, you guessed it Rosa Damascena Flower Extract. I gave it a try and while I appreciate the concept, I will pass on this next time. I did not find it to be as moisturizing and the taste is bitter which I did not like.  There is a  plus, it is cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Overall, I am really enjoying the Wet N’ Wild Rose skincare collection, my top three faves are the rose oil, the rose serum and the Rose Toner.  I can’t wait to try some more Wet ‘N Wild beauty products and share my thoughts with you all.

My three faves all apart of my current skin care routine.

What are your favorite Wet N’ Wild beauty items? Any recommendations, comment down below?



  1. I heard good feedback about this brand already. Many are using it and they seems to be satisfied. This is absolutely a must try.

  2. Now it feels like I should trade my current skincare products for the rose collection. I mean, I’ve used salicylic acid for sometime an such a beautiful change with Rose oils will do!

  3. wet n’ wild is one of my favorite brands! They are super affordable and they are amazing! I definitely need to try this skin care collection. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Pretty colors. Since they are a cruelty free brand, it’s one that I buy for my daughter. I would never buy a brand that tests on animals.

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