A little about me…

I am a wife and mommy to a beautiful  “Queen-in-training”, as I love to call her. I’m a Certified Make-up Artist, who loves all things leopard print, pink and rose scented along with hanging with the girls and giving back to my community. Make-up, beauty, skincare and fashion are also top my list. Book me for your next event or formal occasion, I love to make sure that beauty is done exactly the way you want it. With my blog the intent is to share beauty and fashion related reviews and tidbits along with sprinkles of my mini-adventures and insight on various topics.



Are you open to accepting PR packages?

Absolutely! Email: noonetocompare@gmail.com for more information.

What are your favorite beauty brands/ beauty specs?

Favorite beauty brands: Colourpop, MAC, BH Cosmetics, NYX, Milani, ABH, Urban Decay (to name a few)

Skin tone: deep

Skin type: normal to oily, I prefer all things matte.

Why is the blog named noonetocompare.com?

The short answer is that I’ve had the handle noonetocompare  for a very looong time (since when AOL was popping haha). It started as a reminder that there is no need to compare or compete with others. When we believe that who we are, and what we have to share with the world is invaluable; we understand that none of us are cut the same way. We can not compare ourselves to anyone else. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made.

Why do you call readers Rubies/ Ruby Beauties?

Throughout the years as we all continue to grow and evolve,  we learn that we are all different and I like to think that we are like rubies. The diamond may get all the fan-fair because it’s equally beautiful, however Unbeknownst to many the Ruby is the world’s most expensive and valuable gem.

Where are you from?

Born and raised in the New England area, hardly home but always reppin’ Nigeria.

Do you subscribe to beauty boxes?

I’ve subscribed to a few, right now I am subscribed to boxycharm and the Ivybox.

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