Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

_Pastel Soft Mother's Day Quote Greeting Instagram Post

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies, mommies to be and every person who falls within the definition of the word Mother. Being a mom has it’s challenging moments and it’s not always easy. However the gift of motherhood is  such a blessing and although we are celebrating a little different this year remember you are loved, supported, phenomenal, beautiful, caring, kind, smart, and irreplaceable.

XoXo from me and my Mini

Violet and Cream Mother's Day Gift Certificate

Beetles Gel Polish Spring to Summer Collection


Hey Rubies!

Happy Mother’s Day eve to all the mommies, mommies to be and everyone in every sense of the word. I pray that everyone is safe and well.  Some may know that I am a DIY mama, I enjoy crafting with my mini me and challenging myself creatively even with this blog and moving to add more visual posts. So I went ahead and tried my first nail tutorial with my new Beetle Gel Polish Spring to Summer collection. Keep scrolling to see how I achieved my Mother’s Day Purple Reign set.

Shades used 607, 620,  and glitter shade 621

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April 2020 BoxyCharm Unboxing (Video)

Greetings Rubies!

I pray that you are doing well on this beautiful day and I pray that you and your family are staying safe and healthy. My April #Boxycharm Box arrived,  and admittedly there were a few misses and some hits this month. Check out my unboxing video below for all the deets! You can also keep scrolling for a sneak peak 😉

Has your box arrived yet? I’m thinking of reviewing another beauty box, any suggestions? Share in the comments below!

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Happy Monday Rubies!

Hey Rubies,

I pray you all are doing well and staying safe.  I wanted to share a mini blog as this is a very interesting moment for not only us in the US but all over the world.

In the DC, MD, VA area, like many places we are following the CDC recommendation to “socially distance” ourselves and adhering to stay at home orders. For the next couple of weeks many are asked to telework; myself included and home-school children, myself included. In this time of uncertainty for what tomorrow will bring, I find comfort in my faith and knowing that God is in control. The bible says we walk by faith and not by sight, I am trusting in God for real for real; with prayer and

I am prayerful that this will end soon and so I am keeping our same work and school routine as much as possible. Making adjustments for the non-resistant commute time LOL.

5 things I’ve been doing to keep myself occupied during this time; that may be helpful or encouraging to someone else are: 

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March Boxycharm Premium x Fenty Beauty Collaboration Unboxing

Hey Rubies-

This is my first BoxyCharm Premium box and I was excited to give it a try solely off the strength that Fenty Beauty would be the brand collaboration for this month. I haven’t invested in any Fenty Beauty products, until now, although I’ve heard so many nice things.

Check out the video below for my unboxing and pseudo try- on. Fair warning it’s a little long sorry, I got caught up in the excitement😜 . You can also sneak a peak at the products below if you don’t have time to watch the full video😂. Let me know your thoughts, did you get the premium box this month? Have you tried Fenty Beauty before? Let’s talk about it!

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February 2020 Boxy Charm Unboxing

Greetings Rubies!

My February Boxy Charm Subscription box arrived, yay! If your not familiar BoxyCharm is a beauty subscription box that cost $25 and it boasts that products received retail for over $100.  The box contains skincare, make-up and beauty products; the theme for this month is #adore, check out my quick video unboxing below 😘

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Valentine’s Day Inspired Makeup Look {video}

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you share love with those around you not just today but everyday! Check out the video below to see the products I used to achieve my Valentine’s day inspired look.  I went with a Monochromatic Pink look, can’t go wrong with Pink eyes and pink lips. 

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New Beginnings!

Greetings Rubies!

How have ya’ll been? Well I hope, it’s been a while but I had to settle into the new year a bit. I’ve been working hard revamping the website and you may have noticed some changes! First the name of the site has changed to www.Beautyherway.com! The blog will remain as is, with more great content.

Also, I am so elated to announce that I am now a Certified Make-up Artist! I went ahead and completed my coursework, and received my certification back in April 2019. Check out the services section of the site for rates if you or someone you know is interested 😉😁


I was interested in getting my certification over 10 years ago, but life happens. I became a wife and mommy, took on more responsibly at church and in other areas and pushed that goal to the left. Well, last year I decided it was time to get stuff done! I made a list (and checked it more than twice) I was determined to inch my way to the finish line. Whew! What a testament to the statement that a dream delayed is not a dream deferred. Keep striving for whatever goal you have, it may take time but know that it’s not impossible. I believe that God’s time is the best time. I’m looking forward to bringing you guys more products reviews, fun tidbits and discussing some none beauty related topics as well.


Thank you so much for your patience. A special note of thanks to the day one Rubies who are still rocking with me! I started this blog in September of 2016. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing or what would happen, but three years later, we’ve had some peaks and some valleys; we’ve made some changes and tweaked somethings! I pray that you will join me on this amazing journey. Here’s to growing and glowing in 2020!

Please peruse the new site, and let me know what you think!


Unboxing and review: August 2019 Boxy Charm

Greeting Ruby Beauties!!

I hope you are enjoying your summer or at least the last few days of what is left! I know I am soo late to the party with this unboxing as this box has been out a few week but it’s been kinda hectic around here, and it actually works out though because I can give my honest opinion and review having had some time to try out the products.

I do have some exciting projects I am working on and can’t wait to announce them soon! Back to topic on hand, BoxyCharm is one of my favorite beauty boxes, if your not familiar with BoxyCharm, it’s a monthly subscription service that cost $21 a month and it’s curated with over $100 of skincare, makeup and beauty products.


The theme for this month is Totally BoxyCharm. The items this month were actually really nice, as I mentioned I had some time to try a few of the products, so keep reading to check out my thoughts below!

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