Life update: Hello again!

Greetings Rubies!

I know it has been a while, I’ve tried to write this post several times and each time I couldn’t finish and then more time passed. There have been some very positive life changes that caused me to really review my priorities and face the reality that I can not do every thing. While I’ve graciously received the title of Wonder Woman, from my soon-to-be- five year old Queen-in-training. I am in fact not Wonder Woman and balancing several roles this year has been rewarding and also a challenge.

We can do it pink and green

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Do’s and Don’ts of workplace attire.

Greetings Rubies!

I recently joined the fellas of DivergentThought on their internet radio show to share my thoughts on workplace attire and personal image.  Mr. Barrington Little, who is like my brother and good friend from college;  along with Dr. Charles Thomas and Daryl Peace host DivergentThought every Wednesday from 8-9pm EST to discuss various issues and offer different points of views.  Catch the replay of all the fun commentary here.

(Left to right) Daryl Peace, The Barrington Little, and Dr. Charles Thomas Hosts of Divergent Thought on Blis.FM internet radio

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Remebering Selena: MAC Collection try- on

Greetings Rubies…

Today is kind of reflective day. Google reminded us that it was October 17 and in 1989, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez released her first album, self titled, Selena. If you are a Selena fan like me then you know, she lives forever in our hearts. If you are not familiar with Selena, she was a Mexican- American pop artist and superstar who was very popular in the 90’s. She had hit songs, such as,  Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Dreaming of You, and I could fall in love, to name a few.

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OOTD: Yellow Ruffle Hi-Low Dress

Greetings Rubies!

Can you believe it, it’s fall already. I seems like just yesterday everything was warming up for spring and summer. Those are my two favorite seasons. My husband loves fall and is always trying to get me to do more outdoor activities in the fall. Well I didn’t mind being outdoors to support a good friend who invited me to La Grange Winery.

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2017 Ubiquitous Beauty and Hair Expo

Hey Rubies!!

I’m here with a little light-hearted fun from the Ubiquitous Hair, beauty and fitness expo held in the convention center of Downtown Washington, DC. This was my first time attending the Ubiquitous Expo, an old co-worker of mine told me about it last year and I knew I wanted to attend this year. I’m glad to have the opportunity to attend one day of the two day expo this year, because it was so much fun!

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Unboxing: July Sephora Play!

Greetings Rubies!

Better late than never. The year is truly flying by isn’t it? Summer is one of my favorite seasons this year we went on a family vacation to Williamsburg, which was soo much fun. But if your budget doesn’t permit you going away you can always have a “Beauty Stay-cation” the theme of the July Sephora Play beauty Box. I know we are in August and I am super late with this post but charge it to my head and not my heart. I am determined to keep it consistent with these unboxing posts even if they are late!! 🙂

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OOTD: Orange One Shoulder Dress

Hello Again Rubies-

So I’ve been shifting through my camera roll (my DSLR and cell phone) finding photos of previous travel and other activities and I thought why not share them with my Rubies.

Someone once asked me how I would describe my style. I had to give it some thought…I didn’t want to admit that I was a dress girl (I don’t know why) but my closet draws a clear picture.   I suppose the words I would best describe my style right now (because it does change)  are simple chic elegance.

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Product Review: L’oreal Paris Revitalift

anGreetings Beautiful Rubies!!

If you follow me on Instagram you may already know that I was asked to collaborate with Influenster and L’oreal Paris to partake in the #revitaliftchallenge. The challenge is simple use the L’oreal Paris Triple Power Revitalift Moisturizer for 14 days and share my results and opinions. Keep reading if you want to hear more about it and see the results.

IMG_6390 (1)

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Unboxing: June Sephora Play!

Hey Hey Rubies!

Just got in from family vacation and getting back into the groove of things. I was happy to dive into my box waiting for me upon my return. I know last month I said May’s Sephora Play Box was my favorite; well that was until I received June’s Sephora Play box in the mail!  I believe this might be my favorite lol. There were many terrific products to try some we’re old favorites while others were new introductions.

IMG_5941 (1)

For those who are not familiar with the Sephora Play! it is a monthly Subscription Box  that ships quality deluxe size products to your home. Each box usually contains one Hair Care item, skin care item, fragrance, makeup and cosmetic products. I’ve maintained my   Sephora Play subscription because it offers the opportunity to to try and sample various brands.

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Black Music Month

Hello Rubies!!

Summer is officially here, which means more time outdoors and less time indoors. Myself included, I’ve been away from the blog doing just that. I went on vacation with my family for a few days in order to relax and refocus and I had no idea until recently that June was considered Black Music Month!! I know, I know it’s the last day of June but hey, it’s still technically June!!


If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that this summer I decided to explore the city and take a moment to truly experience and take in all the sites. I don’t know how

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