My October reads..

I have always said that I would try to read more, to keep my brain sharp and my vocabulary growing. I decided several years ago that I would try to read one book a month (at a minimum). As we all know life happens, so there were plenty of times I didn’t meet my goal, however recently I decided to add magazines to the mix. You can catch some really informative and insightful articles in a good mag.  Here’s what I’ve been reading this October. I am a little bit proud of myself this month because it seem like there’s never enough time to get things done let alone read with a three year old, husband,  church and community obligations and budding career…but this month I managed it…tiny kudos to me and my Kindle app!Continue reading “My October reads..”

Top Five: Fave boots/ booties for Fall (Nine West Edition)

With fall here I’ve found myself swapping my strappy open- toe platforms and sandals with rain boots and cozy shoes and my sleeveless shirts for sweaters. As I checked my email the other day I received an email from Nine West, not uncommon. I opened the email and was immediately mesmerized by the beautiful boots and booties on my screen. I clicked on it and was directed to their main webpage. I found myself scrolling and scrolling, making mental footnotes of the shoes I wanted in my closet. There were just so many. I am an avid Nine West shoe shopper. No, I am not being paid for this, I just wanted to share what I think are some great shoes. I hope you enjoy! Tell me if you agree or share your favorite boots/ bootie styles with me below.

Continue reading “Top Five: Fave boots/ booties for Fall (Nine West Edition)”

So long…

Who knew that a four letter word could hold you hostage? It can keep you crippled from reaching your full potential. The Merriam- Webster dictionary defines the word as, “to be afraid of (something or someone); to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant; to be afraid and worried”. If you haven’t guested already the word is FEAR.Continue reading “So long…”

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