Grand Opening: Glow Bar

Hello Rubies!!

You know I love to celebrate and support women on the move! If you are looking for a premier make-up atelier in Maryland or an intimate conference space for your next event, look no further the Glow Bar is open for business!

I had the pleasure of meeting the three woman behind this make-up studio and conference space concept at their recent Grand Opening. These three smart and beautiful women, consisting of 2 makeup artists and 1 motivational speaker,

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Ruby Adrianna David: Miss Maryland USA 2017

Greetings Rubies!

March is Woman’s Herstory Month, so let’s continue to celebrate Rubies in the community (and globally) who are doing their thang!

You know, I’ve watched many beauty pageants on television over the years and always knew there was more beyond the talent, swimsuit and question and answer portions of the pageant. Of course, with it being condensed for television purposes, we don’t get to dig deeper to learn more about these crowned beauties. I always wondered, who is the woman

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The Women Behind the Crown: meet Jasmine Jones, Miss District of Columbia

Hey Rubies!

I wanted to use the Ruby Spot light as a platform to introduce you all to real people in the community who are doing great things; and to celebrate the wonderful work happening all around us each and everyday. They  are true examples of #blackwomanmagic and #bigthingspoppin. I hope sharing their stories will inspire and motive you to pursue your

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